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    Main features

    • Effective digital search bandwidth: 70 meters
    • Digital reception range: 70 meters
    • Extended search range: extended reception bandwidth (analog): up to 95 m; Extended search bandwidth (analog): 100 m
    • Circular receiving field: Almost identical receiving range for X and Y antennas
    • Compatible with lithium batteries (battery life 300 hours in SEND) mode
    • Display: Backlit display, very easy to read even with polarized glasses
    • Acoustic search indication – the signal directs you in the direction of the buried object and allows you to visually focus on the avalanche field during the search.
    • Reverse direction function to avoid 180 degree search errors
    • The group test feature quickly and easily tests the transmission frequency and level of devices to ensure optimal functionality.
    • An intuitive visual interface provides step-by-step guidance at all stages of the search and an overview of multiple burial situations.
    • Design: ergonomic and impact resistant. Can be operated while wearing gloves
    • The self-test function verifies that the device transmits and searches correctly during startup, and provides constant sending and battery checks.
    • Under the avalanche, what you are looking for in the descriptions can be selected from the list, marked (MARK) and unmarked (UNMARK)
    • Automatic switching from send to search function (Auto Revert): if the rescuer does not move for 4 minutes, it is assumed that a secondary avalanche has occurred and the device switches to SEND mode.s we assume a secondary avalanche and the device switches to SEND mode (controlled by the motion sensor)
    • Automatic guidance: the device continues to guide the rescuer to the buried object in case of signal failures or overlaps.
    • Vital Signs Sensor - A 3D Bluetooth sensor helps the rescuer make a decision to focus their resources on the victim with the greatest chance of survival.
    • Alternative search mode (analog mode) helps to solve complex search scenarios
    • Personalization: The home screen and user texts (e.g. owner information) can be personalized
    • Includes Barryvox® carrying system with SafeLock to prevent accidental activation of search mode
    • W-Link: An additional communication channel to improve search performance
    • Device group management with W-link.
    • Updateable software
    • Operating temperature: -25° to +45° Celsius

    Avalanche skiing Mammut Barryvox S Package : Technical data

    • Type: Digital/analog combo device with 3 antennas
    • Transmission frequency: 457 kHz
    • Battery Type: Alkaline and Lithium 3 x AAA 1.5 volts
    • Battery life: about 300 hours in SEND mode
    • Batteries included: Yes
    • Size: 115x27x67 mm
    • Blade: light and durable anodized aluminum, Weight: Weight: 475 grams
    • Probe: lightweight aluminum, 240 grams

    Avalanche skiing Mammut Barryvox S Package

    Avalanche skiing Mammut Barryvox S Package

    Avalanche baking

    The Barryvox® S kit includes everything you need in the event of an avalanche.

    Barryvox® S is a high-end transceiver with animated instructions. This transmitter, or as it is popularly called, transceiver , is an integral part of the equipment for freeride skiers and snowboarders, as well as mountaineers.

    The Mammt Barryvox S is the most advanced method of locating buried victims. With an intelligent precision search function, it offers unparalleled support and direct guidance throughout the most critical and stressful phase of a rescue operation.

    Digital/analog combo device with three antennas. The new Barryvox® S has a large reception bandwidth and an effective search bandwidth of 70 meters. This transceiver offers users a large, simple control panel and intuitive operation.

    The smart search function provides clear guidance thanks to a simple operating concept and fast, accurate searching. Barryvox® S includes a Rescue SEND function to protect rescuers - in the event of a secondary avalanche, the device automatically switches to SEND to locate buried rescuers.

    Barryvox® S is also equipped with a Smart Search function that communicates with the actions of searching rescuers.

    Take care of your safety and that of your friends in avalanche-risky mountain descents!

    The set includes
    The Barryvox® Avalanche Radio (Battery Included)
    Lightweight Probe 240
    Allugator ride snow shovel

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