Two-year free warranty on all products

For you always entitled to at least two years free warranty regardless of whether you bought the product online or in a physical store in Riga, Brīvības Street 155.

This two-year warranty is your minimum right on any product, and some manufacturers, such as Thermarest and Goretex, offer additional warranties.

1. If a product defect is discovered within the first year, we will conduct a free examination by an independent expert. If a product manufacturing defect is confirmed, we will:

  • we will repair the product,
  • if the product cannot be repaired, we will exchange it for the same product,
  • if the same item is not available, we will offer to exchange it for another item at the purchase value on the receipt or refund your money.

  • If the expert's conclusion establishes that there is no manufacturing defect or the product defect is due to wear and tear, we have the right to refuse a warranty replacement, repair or refund.

    2. If the defect of the product is discovered after 1 year , you still have the right to receive a free repair or exchange of the product, but, according to the norms of the law, you may have to prove that the problem already existed at the time of receiving the product. Nevertheless, we will carry out a free examination and if a manufacturing defect of the product is found, see point 1.

    In addition to the statutory 2-year warranty, a longer warranty can be obtained for Goretex and Thermarest products. If the defect of the product is discovered 2 years after the end of the warranty period, you should contact the manufacturer directly, who, after evaluating the specific warranty case, will inform you about the compliance of the warranty and the following steps.

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