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Main features

  • Breathable thanks to the air channels of the perforated foam
  • 2 large equipment loops with a molded shape for easier work with ties and 2 lighter equipment loops.
  • Durable equipment towing eye (2Kn)
  • Plastic reinforced leg attachment loop to prevent fraying
  • Indicators in the login loop show when the lure has expired
  • Loop for magnesium bag
  • Easily adjustable waist and leg measurements, plus extra straps don't hang outside
  • 4 fixing points for the ice screw holder
  • Unisex design
  • A bag for transportation is included

Climbing harness Mammut Sender Fast Adjust : Technical data

  • Suitable for: Sport climbing, Mix climbing, Ice climbing
  • Weight: 340 g (size M)
  • Certifications: CE EN 12277 Type C, UIAA

Size guide

Climbing Harness Size Guide

Size S M L XL
Waist (cm) 66-77 73-85 80-92 86-100
Leg (cm) 50-58 54-62 57-67 60-70

Size XS-M M-XL
Waist 59-89 76-110
Leg 43-59 54-72

How to measure?

1. Waist circumference above the hip line

2 Leg circumference at widest point


Climbing harness Mammut Sender Fast Adjust

Climbing harness Mammut Sender Fast Adjust

Climbing harness with quick adjustment

When adjusting the size of the harness, you only need to move the clip - the excess strap does not hang loose. Adjustable legs and waist. Plastic-reinforced leg attachment point, Extremely durable (2KN) equipment hauling loop. Perforated material provides better breathability. 4 equipment loops, 2 of them durable plastic for easier work with quickdraws. 4 loops for ice screw holders.

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